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Giveaway of Beautiful fashionable bags Jewellery and wristwatches! With every order a gift !

Trendy bags, jewelery and watches at ModaMarie wwwTassenensieraad.nl
Tassenensieraad.nl offers you great products from popular brands.

Giveaway of Beautiful fashionable bags Jewellery and wristwatches!

 Now with every order a jewel surprise gift with every purchase!

You will receive with every order 5Euro gift of ModaMarie 
with a minimum order of 19.95 euros.

Your order at 5Euro discount that your gift with every order on all products.
Every day a sale and giveaway bag for lovers of bags you never enough!
You buy a trendy handbag.
Make an immediate risk of a second bag free of other model.
If you are the winner, you will receive an email with your order you will receive two bags free delivery.
For other products, jewelry, jewelry set and wrist horlges the sale with win action also valid.
Let surprise you like a discount because you're worth.
Thanks for visiting ModaMarie www.tassenensieraad.nl
I wish you much fun shopping at ModaMarie!
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Trendy shop with retro jewelry, ladies bags, wrist watches budget,
to luxury items innovating every day.
The products offered are trendy fashion accessories for men and women
of well-known to minor brands.
Earrings, jewelry set, bracelet with precious stones, crystal, sapphire, lightweight materials, zirconia, etc.
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Earrings with gems, crystals, sapphire, light materials, zirconia.


ModaMarie inspired!
ModaMarie / bags and jewelery

Are you looking for bags jewelry and watches?
Then you are at the right place at Tassenensieraad.nl.
The wide range of bags, watches and jewelery, are you sure you bags,
watches and jewelery will find that fit your needs.
Tassenensieraad.nl offers products for both women and men.

Wide range of bags, jewelery and watches
At Tassenensieraad.nl you can find bags, watches and jewelery, mainly women.
For men we offer mainly watches and neckties.
Vord also for men's collection expanded with jewelry and watches from famous brands.
The preference is for fine leather bags and timeless jewelry and elegant watches lose time.
We offer bags, watches and jewelry of various popular brands.
Are you interested in our assortment?
Check quickly our range of bags, watches and jewelry online.

Bags, watches and jewelery you can order quickly and easily online
Tassenensieraad.nl in order to quickly and easily bags, watches and jewelry online.
We do not charge shipping fees when sending the goods.
You will receive an e-mail after your order with the expected delivery date and Track & Trace.
At Tassenensieraad.nl you can safely and quickly pay your order.
Your order is not quite to your liking?
Then you can use the thirty days return policy,
which applies to all our bags watches and jewelry.
You can send the products free return.

Questions about our bags, watches and jewelery?
Do you have a question about any of our products from our range of bags, watches and jewelery?
Or would you like some more information about Tassenensieraad.nl?
Please contact us. We can not just tell you about our range of bags, watches and jewelry, but can also provide you with free advice. We will gladly assist you in completing the order or any other questions.

You can reach us by phone 06-46625981
and via the email address info@tassenensieraad.nl.
Do you prefer a quick answer? You can also reach us via Whatsapp.


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